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A nonprofit collective focused on health equity & reducing dis/misinformation in BIPOC communities

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Our Mission

Hood Medicine is a nonprofit public health collective focused on health equity & reducing the impact of dis/misinformation targeted at BIPOC.

Our mission is to use science & technology to improve health outcomes for historically marginalized communities, empower families to make healthy choices, & help them find trusted healthcare & vital resources.

Our Vision

A world where we value the health of every community

Our Work

We bring researchers and communities together to collaborate on community-centered health equity interventions focused on expanding access to care and resources while reducing harm to patients of these broken systems.

Public Health

We specialize in developing public health communications tailored for the diversity of patient populations that exist in the real world, ensuring health and science information is accessible to all.


We have research collaborators across industry and academia working with us to understand how health misinformation affects intersectional patient populations and evaluate interventional strategies for public health advocacy at the grassroots level.


We use our culturally tailored public health communications framework to develop equity-focused messaging for intersectional BIPOC communities to be disseminated on multimedia platforms. We also provide media consulting & content development for Science Communicators.

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Hood Medicine Public Health Messaging Framework

Check out our new paper with Dr. Peter Hotez in The Lancet‘s E Clinical Medicine journal describing our public health messaging framework for culturally tailored content targeting BIPOC with multiple/intersectional marginalized identities. Though this model was developed in response to the pandemic, it can be used to create health communications for various areas of health inequity.

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Health Equity Initiatives

We are currently focused on COVID-19 education & advocacy, cancer prevention & treatment, maternal & infant health, metabolic disease, neurodiversity & intellectual or developmental disabilities, and mental health & wellness.

The Hood Med Messaging Framework is our basis for developing reliable methodologies for engaging historically underserved & medically disenfranchised patients using community-centered, equity-focused health communications.

SiriusXM Urban View

Routine Checkup with

Hood Medicine

In our mission to become a trusted voice during the pandemic and beyond, we have a new recurring radio segment every Monday for the Lurie Daniel Favors Show on SiriusXM Urban View Channel 126. Tune in to Routine Checkup with Hood Medicine for your weekly dose of #RealTalkMadScience!

March for Science

Hood Med Crossover Podcast

We produce our Hood Med Chats series as well as the pandemic-focused Let’s Get FACTSinated! on Hood Med Chats crossover podcast through our partnership with March for Science.

COVID-19 Pandemic

We provide vaccine education and promotion to various civic & health organizations & use our culturally tailored public health communications framework to develop equity-focused messaging targeting intersectional BIPOC communities for dissemination on multimedia platforms.

Our research goals are focused on evaluating health-related dis/misinformation propagated in BIPOC communities and designing interventional strategies to reduce its negative effects.

Cancer Awareness & Prevention

We are partnered with WHYSaveALife Foundation to promote bone marrow registration and cord blood donation among Black and Brown people to increase genetic diversity of national registries. By expanding available stem cell resources for potential therapeutics, we can increase the probability of finding a suitable donor match for patients suffering from cancer, genetic conditions, and immune disorders. 

Maternal & Infant Health

We are partnered with the UCLA Preventive Medicine Training Program to provide public health communications workshops and consultation to medical and health professional trainees from the UCLA Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health and the Black Maternal Health Center of Excellence at Charles Drew University. Our current focus is developing community-centered interventional strategies to promote health equity in maternal care access and delivery for pregnant and lactating persons in South Central LA, with the immediate priority of advocating for prenatal COVID-19 vaccine education and acceptance among these patients.

This work is supported by grant funding from UCLA Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute via an Intramural Award from the NIH/National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.


We are currently working with UCLA and UC-LEND providing workshops to researchers and medical and health professional trainees on includsive health communications for intersectional minority communities and consulting for health equity initiatives in Los Angeles.

We are working with the Neurodiversity Health Chats group as advisory support and guiding in the creation of original infographics and social media content. This work is supported by grant funding from AUCD through a cooperative agreement with the CDC (Association of University Centers on Disabilities and Centers for Disease Control, Regional Hub Mini–Grant CDC-RFA-DD21-2105).

Hood Med Chats Podcast

Real Talk | Mad Science

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Media & Special Events

Mondays @11:15am est

Routine Checkup with Hood Medicine

Tune in to Routine Checkup with Hood Medicine on The Lurie Daniel Favors Show on SiriusXM Urban View Channel 126. We feature health & medical experts, as well as grassroots community advocates to help listeners understand how to keep their families safe & healthy.

Call 866-801-TALK to ask us questions live!

3rd Monday every month @7:30pm est

Fit, Live, Win! Health Segment w/ Hood Medicine

Join us on the 3rd Monday every month for the Fit, Live, Win! Health Segment on the Roland Martin Unfiltered Daily Digital Show for more #RealTalkMadScience with Hood Med health experts. 

Watch the livestream on Facebook Live & YouTube, or listen on your favorite audio podcast app!

Monday 27 June 2022 @11:15am est

Routine Checkup w/ Hood Medicine

Anti-Blackness in Medicine

Join us on Monday for the next Routine Checkup on The Lurie Daniel Favors Show to dissect Anti-Blackness in medicine. We’ll welcome Dr. Ijeoma Nnodim Opara and LLana James from REDE4 Black Lives to discuss racial bias in medicine & its roots in white supremacy. You don’t want to miss this overdue discussion.

Call 866-801-TALK with live questions!

monday 27 June 2022 @3:00pm est

Let’s Get FACTSinated! on Hood Med Chats Podcast

Do you have questions on kids’ COVID vaccines? Want to learn all about monkeypox? Join us Monday for the next Hood Med Chats with special guest & Hood Med Advisor, Dr. Peter Hotez, to get all the deets on infant/toddler EUAs and the latest pandemic updates. We’ll also hear about his progress on distributing Corbevax, the vaccine he developed at Texas Children’s Hospital & Biological E Ltd with Dr. Maria Elena Bottazzi, for which they were nominatd for the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Livestreaming on all Hood Medicine & March for Science channels! 

monday 27 June 2022 @7:00pm est

Stairwell Chronicles w/ Dr. Jayne Morgan

On the next #StairwellChronicles, Dr. Jayne Morgan welcomes special guest Dr. Sharon Malone to discuss challenging healthcare paradigms for women over 50 who are undertreated & aren’t getting the care they need.

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Panola Fundraiser

Help Ms. Dorothy Continue Her Mission!!!

Donation Drive

USA Today Humankind Award Recipient Dorothy Oliver led a personal crusade to get her entire Panola, Alabama community vaccinated! Her heroic journey was featured in the Sundance Org Film Festival Official Selection, The New Yorker documentary The Panola Project, from filmmakers Jeremy S. Levine & Rachael DeCruz.

Her mission continues today. Help us honor Ms. Dorothy’s commitment to keeping her community safe. She needs PPE & other supplies to support her efforts to get everyone boosted & keep them safe!

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