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Congratulations on being part of an organization that has pledged support for Hood Medicine Initiative’s mission. By volunteering with us, you’re not only helping your company demonstrate their commitment to improving health outcomes for all communities, you are helping us create a world where the health of every community is valued.



Thank you!

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Fundraising is a critical need for every nonprofit organization. The funds we raise allow us to serve marginalized communities with resources, access, and opportunities to live longer, healthier lives. Volunteer today to host a virtual support campaign for HMI!

We use social media to tell our story, deliver informational services, and reach both the people who need our help and those who want to help. Social media helps nonprofit organizations like ours reach large audiences quickly and cheaply. With your help as a volunteer, we can reach even more people with our services. Volunteer today to host a virtual awareness campaign for HMI!

Got office skills? We need ’em! Virtual office volunteers help with a host of projects and initiatives doing everything from assisting with ongoing projects to helping create some of the resources and collateral that end-up in HMI offerings. Volunteer today to help out in our virtual office!


Complete this form to let-us know you’re ready to start volunteering. We’ll also use the information you provide here to let your company know that you’ve signed up to volunteer with us.

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