Crisis in the Heartland: Impact of COVID in Rural Communities


community focus series

Host Panel

Dr. Neecey Hudson, Chair & Science Director at Hood Medicine,and Jonathan White, Policy Chair at Hood Medicine

Guest Panel

Jonathan Lawler, the Punk Rock Farmer and Founder of Brandywine Creek Farms 

In this Community Focus Series chat, Jonathan Lawler, the Punk Rock Farmer & founder of Hood Medicine partner Brandywine Creek Farms, joins us to discuss the unique challenges facing rural America during the pandemic and the worsening hunger crisis. We chat with him about how Hood Medicine & Brandywine Creek Farms are working together to expand access to food aid and develop AgSTEM initiatives to encourage more people to pursue careers in agricultural and animal sciences.

Our special guest, Jonathan Lawler is the founder of Brandywine Creek Farms, which he and his wife Amanda started after deciding to transition their produce farm into a nonprofit operation. Since then, they have donated over 4 million pounds of food. He is dedicated to promoting AgSTEM in BIPOC communities and helping train a new generation of Black urban & rural farmers. He helped set up Henry Blair farm at the Edna Martin Christian Center & hosts the 2nd Chance Farmer Program along with numerous other training programs on his farm for at risk youth, formerly incarcerated individuals, and people recovering from addiction.