Do No Harm: Restoring Black People’s Trust in the Medical System


do no harm series

Host Panel

Dr. Neecey Hudson, Chair & Science Director at Hood Medicine and Jonathan White, Policy Chair at Hood Medicine

Guest Panel

Jennifer Johnson Muhammad, MS, MA

For this Do No Harm series chat, Dr. Neecey Hudson and Jonathan White chat with Hood Medicine Health Advocacy Director & genetic counselor Jennifer Johnson Muhammad about the history of medical racism and unethical human research across the African diaspora, including the infamous Tuskegee experiment. Learn why it’s time for Black people to trust the science.

Jennifer is the Director of Health Advocacy at Hood Medicine. She has a B.S. in Biology from MIT and an M.A. & M.S. in Health Advocacy & Human Genetics from Sarah Lawrence College. She works as a genetic counselor at Integrated Genetics LabCorp Specialty Testing Group. Her efforts are focused on engagement in underserved communities to advocate for science and health education, and preventative medicine.