We’re delighted about your upcoming HMC session with us. The conversation will be #fire, here’s what you can expect aside from that:


Before your scheduled chat, we’ll send you a meeting invite to join the video conference call. This invite is just for you, and is scheduled to have you join us 15 – 20 minutes before our “go-live” time. This additional time allows us to get you settled in your “virtual seat”, and ensure optimal audio and video experience for you, any other guests, and our audience. During this time you’ll be visible to the HMC hosts and our production team, but you won’t be visible to the audience until we “go-live”. Plan to be ready for the show at the start-time of this invite.

If you would like to share reference documents, links, graphics, or other kinds of rich media during your chat, please send it to us ahead of time so that we can include it in the production package for the show. We’ll handle showing/sharing that content during the relevant portions of the discussion.

If you’d like to share event information with your network of family, friends, colleagues, and associates, feel free to share from the Hood Medicine Initiative Events calendar.

We’ll send you a reminder 24 – 48 hours before your scheduled chat, but feel to reach out with questions at any time – simply reply to any of our emails, or reach us @ info@hoodmedicine.org.


During your chat, the discussion will be broadcasted across all HMI social media channels, and our website. You can feel comfortable to speak freely and openly – we expect that you’ll do exactly that. Our hosts will guide you through the featured topic, touching on key concerns of importance to BIPOC people. We respect your time, and know that you have many requests of your time, so we will commit to end on schedule and get you back to your busy life. We’ll have full control of the audio and video feed during the call, you can simply relax and chat.


After your chat, you’ll be welcome to join any post-chat events that we may have scheduled. We’ll let you know if an event is scheduled after your chat, but you shouldn’t feel obligated or pressured to attend. Our post-production process takes a short time to render complete videos of the session; we’ll follow-up to send you a link to where you and your network can view the recorded session. And, of course – we’re always available for any questions that you may have – don’t hesitate to reach out.