Hood Med Chats are hosted discussions, featuring qualified experts discussing health, wellness, and community care.


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the reason

In our modern world of information overload, Hood Med Chats strive to remove barriers to information, dispel misinformation, and empower regular Americans to make informed decisions about the future of their health. We seek guests who are both respected and responsible, to serve as trusted voices of accurate information. The chats aren’t just a showcase of expertise, they are a showcase of willingness to share expertise; delivering it directly to the homes of people who can use these expert insights to care for themselves and their loved ones.

the hosts

Shanice "Dr Neecey" Hudson, Phd



Scientist, activist, and public health guerrilla, Dr. Neecey is the staple host for Hood Med Chats. You’ll find that she’s warm, energetic, and passionate about changing health outcomes for black, brown, and indigenous communities in the US. As the visionary behind Hood Medicine Initiative, and the innovator of Hood Med Chats, hosting live conversations that address the long-lived systemic gaps of American society is one of the many ways that Neecey strives to “use science for good”. In her off-air time, she can be found in the lab, sci-fi geeking-out, or quarantine baking #ProudBlackBoyMom


If you’d like to connect, Dr Neecey can be reached at neecey@hoodmedicine.org

Jonathan "Smoove" White

Policy Director


A scientist who later studied law, Jon White completes the Hood Med Chat series hosting panel. Also a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Jon’s life work is centered around eradicating racism, service to others, and furthering the mission of Hood Medicine Initiative, as we strive to eliminate barriers and equalize health outcomes for historically marginalized Americans. When he’s not on-air hosting HMC, he can be found brokering our latest partnership, or…


If you’d like to connect, Jon can be reached at policy@hoodmedicine.org